Introduction ENH Logistics

The ENHLogistics SA is a subsidiary of ENH EP (ENH, EP), the Mozambican government company whose principal activity is the exploration of Oil and Gas. ENHL The main activity is the provision of service and the provision of infrastructure to support the hydrocarbon sector in Mozambique. The ENHL participate in the development of services and infrastructure, enabling the exploration and production, while the involvement of the business sector in Mozambique together with international partners that can best contribute to the transfer of skills and knowledge specific to the country.

Why ENH Logistics

With the exploration and production of natural gas in the Rovuma basin, comes the great need of logistics. This logistics support will enable the country a major involvement in operations. It is estimated that 25% of investments in petroleum operations correspond to logistics costs, these costs are recoverable so if you want to keep control costs, provide value added services with the short-term positive impact on GDP of Mozambique.


  • Providing quality services capable of satisfying the operations in the country.
  • Create mechanisms to support the participation of Mozambicans in investments in the oil industry.
  • Develop skills in key areas of logistics that will serve many hydrocarbon projects and more.
  • Increase employment opportunities for Mozambicans, through empowerment and entrepreneurship.
  • Poverty eradication, raising more taxes.
Objectives :

  • Establish national companies engaged in providing specialized logistics services, as business units ENH Logistics.
  • Promote sustainable growth of logistics operations through the establishment of long-term contract with the operators.
  • Take ENH Logistics as the main vehicle for logistics operations in the oil industry, representing the other actors in the process of service delivery.

Leading logistics services to support the oil sector in the country, with guaranteed quality and safety presentation as differential action seamlessly, providing service to the entire value chain of oil production.


Provide logistics services profitably, safely and exemplary quality, so as to serve the oil companies in Mozambique, contributing significantly to the development of the country through its diverse fronts of action and implement a policy of responsible environmental partner that benefits local communities ensuring the sustainability of our activities.

Main Activities

Main pillars of strategic performance ENH Logistics


Developments in the Company: Industry Development

Impact of the Evolution of Logistics Industry in ENHL Logistics

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